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  • Michael Dizon

Significance of trust to technology law and policy

I presented a paper on "Significance of trust to technology law and policy" at the 2022 New Zealand Conference on Law and Technology: Education, Practice and Policy held on 8 September 2022 in Auckland. The following is the abstract:

The main aim of this presentation is to examine the significance and implication of trust on technology law and policy, specifically with regard to cybersecurity. The presentation will explain the various meanings, types and constructs of trust including distrust. It will then discuss how these various conceptualisations and experiences of trust apply in the case of cybersecurity. The presentation will thereafter recommend general principles and policies on how to incorporate and develop trust in cybersecurity law and policy. The presentation will conclude with a brief summary and reflection on the importance of trust to the regulation of technology.

For more presentations, visit the Presentations page.


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